Monday, January 1, 2007


Ghost (Lead)
Country: Germany, Namibia
Occupation: Studying Computer Science in Germany
TTW: I've been working on TTW for about 2 years already. It's been a lot of fun and a great learning experience so far and i'm very determined to finish this project. I do most of the work including programming, modeling, skinning, researching and a lot of game designing.

Here's a list of people that are still helping or have helped me with the development of TTW:

Onryou (Modeling, Game Design)
Country: South Africa
Studying Multimedia in South Africa
TTW: soldier skills, us soldier model, various static models, various weapon models

Rooikat (Coding
TTW: game idea, game framework, server hosting, TV license, commercial soldier model

Silence14 (Modeling)
Country: USA
TTW: various weapon models

Maestrodeclure (Sound)
Country: USA
TTW: soldier and weapon sounds

Striker21 (Animating)
Country: USA
TTW: soldier animations

DesolatorDan (Skinning)
Country: USA
TTW: us soldier skin