Monday, January 1, 2007

About TTW Map Editor

Map Editor Features:

Straight forward and easy to use interface

5 different editor modes:

Terrain Edit Mode: Manipulate the terrain, generate a random terrain, smoothe the terrain

Terrain Painting Mode: Apply a land and/or a detail texture, add and edit splatting layers, paint on the terrain in real-time

Vegetation Painting Mode: Paint vegetation like grass and flowers onto the terrain

Object Placement Mode: Place and manipulate objects

AI Area Mode: Mark the areas that units aren’t allowed to go.

3 different camera modes:
  • Normal RTS
  • Top down
  • Free

  • Minimap generator
  • Heightmap generator

Atmosphere settings

Water settings

Different graphics settings

TTW Map Features:
  • Complete day/night cycle
  • Realistic lighting
  • Moving clouds
  • Fog
  • Detailed terrain that supports splatting
  • Realistc Water
  • Vegetation
  • Detailed and animated static objects