Friday, November 2, 2007


There are three types of training available for soldiers in Total Tactical Warfare. Basic Training, Class Training and Ability Training.

Basic Training (Example: Survival Training)
-requires skill points (you get them when you level up)
-upgrades skills

Class Training (Example: Sniper Training)
-requires certain skill levels
-allows use of special weapons
-only one Class Training allowed per soldier

Ability Training (Example: Grenade Training)
-requires certain skill levels
-allows use of special weapons and abilities

Check out the image below for an overview of the training system

I added new menus for the new training types. Striker came up with some basic training activities, complete with pictures. I also improved the response time of the main menu a lot. Before i was using the "transparent" background color on nearly all of my controls. That allowed me to have a custom background texture. Unfortunately that also meant that the controls had to do a lot of transparancy calculations. Now the background is one color and no more extra calculations are needed.

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