Sunday, October 19, 2008

Public Release

In order to get more feedback about the game we decided to make a public release. The current version features:

- Single player gameplay
- Army customization including weapons, armor and training
- 3 different missions
- High score list

You can get the setup files here:

For the game to work you'll need DirectX 9 Redistributable November 2007 or newer:
(The normal DirectX 9 won't work, you need this one)


Jerry said...

-nice main menu
-many stats
-good animations and models
-very tactical gameplay
-many options to improve your army
-manned houses with roofs that can blend out

-Sound disabled by diffault
-walking speed really too slow
-UI texture to low-res for large screen resolutions (1650x1280)
-sometimes the camera goes out of the map for a unknown reason
- <10 untis on the screen push my framerate down to an average of 60-70 FPS without any a lot of details in the desert
-unit sightlines go through buildings (can you look through them)
-enviroment too sterile

Testing enviroment:
Win Vista 32
Intel Core2Duo E6750 @ 2,66 GHz
Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB

It looks like a promising game. It needs more action (or better say visuals) even for a simulation. Some desert storms, or smoking buildings, some burning cars, screaming people and so on. Some more nature would be nice too. (Afghanistan isn't just desert. Add some rocks and bushes)
But other than that the tactical part is already quite nice. The army management is cool. Keep up the good work.

Ghost said...

Hey Jerry, thanks for testing!

-The disabled sound will be easy to fix, no idea why it was disabled.
-If you train the soldiers they'll walk faster, I can increase their base speed
-I'll try to add some high res UI textures.
-Hmm, that's strange. When does it happen? If you click next to the minimap?
-The unit ai is a bit cpu heavy, I'll try to optimize it.
-With the current code units shouldn't be able to look through buildings, I'll have a closer look at that.
-Yeah, I agree with you there. Unfortunately I don't enjoy making game content. I've been trying to recruit mappers and modellers, but it's really difficult to find dedicated people :(

Glad you like the tactical part and the army management :)