Monday, April 28, 2008


I've been busy working on the campaign for TTW. It'll be called "Summer Offensive" and will have the following storyline: "Enemy forces have launches a surprise offensive. Due to recent troop level reductions we are stretched to the limit. We need to hold back the enemy at any cost, or the whole country will be lost."

The campaign will start like this: "Winter is coming to an end. At this time enemy activity usually increases, but so far everything has been quiet. You have been tasked with some recon missions."

The first mission of the campaign is called Canyon and will have the following briefing: "The canyon to the north is an area that is usually very dangerous, since it offers good ambush and hiding positions. If we can't find any enemy units there, they might have given up the fight altogether. Scout the area and return immediately if you spot any opposing forces."

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