Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After a long pause I've started working on Total Tactical Warfare again. My plan is to make a single player campaign. To make the missions interesting they need to have different objectives. This is what I've been working on the last couple of days.

There are 5 different types of objectives:
  • Kill all Enemies
  • Secure Area (Units in area and all enemies in area have been killed)
  • Move to Area (i.e. Extraction point)
  • Hold Area (for a certain time, until reinforcements arrive)
  • Assassinate Unit

Objectives can be placed and configured in the Map Editor. If no objective is placed, the default "Kill all Enemies" one is loaded. Some objectives will have to be completed in order. Each objective gets an order number. For example an objective with number 2 will only be able to be completed once all objectives with number 1 have been completed.

The yellow box in the screenshot is an objective.

I also added an objective menu and a message system to let the player know when objectives have been updated.


Deanosbeano said...

Hi there, you obvioulsy have a good talent , in this field, perhaps you have played the operation flashpoint series of games , they have a similar
theme .It has a very old engine at its base but has had some plastic surgery recently , its now in the workshop i believe ready for a major overhaul. anyway i like working with the engine by the spanel brothers ,its very open and maybe you can get some good hints and tips from it for your own little thing you have there

Go+ said...

That looks like it will be fun!